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Waterford Camino Tours gives you a breather from the world for a while; a mystical walk by the water’s edge, an age-old pilgrim path, a boat trip or Greenway cycle, a little music and the very best of local cuisine. We craft each tour to suit your interests, fitness levels and budget to include accommodation, transfers, guest guides and unique cultural experiences that bring you closer to the real Ireland. We’re delighted to roll out our new Celtic Ways Ireland Series as we extend our Camino offerings beyond Waterford to include iconic places across Ireland. Time to go deeper into the story of our people and re-discover our shared Celtic past. Time to leave our footprints in the land of our ancestors. Let the journey begin!

Our Celtic Ways

Celtic Ways Ireland

Handcrafted Walking Tours in Ireland

Celtic Ways Ireland
Celtic Story & Song - Iconic Walking Trails - Irish Camino - Mindful Spaces

St. Declan's Way Camino

Cashel to Ardmore - Cahir House Hotel - Mount Melleray Abbey - Ancient Castles - Celtic stories - Mindful Moments - Mountain trails - Monastic ruins by the shore in Ardmore - Round Tower to Round Tower

Weekend Camino Break

Scenic - Mindful Trails - Greenway Cycle - Boat Trips - Celtic Stories - Waterford Alive!

Celtic Roots Series in South East Ireland and Wales

Camino - Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way - Greenway Cycle - Boat Trips - Glendalough - St. Mullins - Dunmore East - Mahon Falls - Celtic Stories and Song - St. David's Way Coast Path - Sharing the Irish Sea

More Camino Options
On Camino with us, it is not just the destination that matters. It is the steps in between. Each day takes on a magic of its own. The pieces are in place well before we take our first steps… whatever it takes to make the experience more memorable for you. You simply show up and enjoy the adventure. Leave the rest to us!

We schedule particular weeks from Spring to Autumn for our signature St Declan’s Way Camino and our Weekend Camino Break in Waterford. These are open to individuals, couples, small groups – anyone interested in walking these age-old paths with us. We include accommodation, guest guides, coach transfers, your packed lunches and dinners. You’re a guest of ours from the moment you arrive. We won’t let you down!

Our Celtic Ways Ireland and our Celtic Roots Series are bespoke tours for small groups seeking a more mindful adventure in Ireland with a blend of stunning walks, local guides, cultural experiences and fine cuisine tailored to suit you. We have our own select accommodation around Southern Ireland to match your taste and your budget. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, listening to what you want before crafting that special ‘time-out’ for you in Ireland. We also offer exclusive One Day Premium Tours in South East Ireland for small groups interested in discovering the unique appeal of this hidden corner of Ireland.

Simply email Phil and Elaine at  info@waterfordcamino.com and we can take it from there. The process is easy. We listen to you. Give us a few days and we’ll be back to you with everything you have asked for and hopefully a little bit more. Trust us to deliver!

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