The Comeragh Mountains

The Magic of the Comeragh Mountains

The trail up through Crough Woods to the Mahon Falls has left deep imprints on those who have shared the Camino with us. It’s a walk that not too many know about yet it has everything. It’s a gradual 4 km. climb from the base of the woods up to the Mahon Falls above and you know you are alive when you reach the top. Nature bares its soul as you meander your way upwards to source.
Camino Trail, Crough Woods to Mahon Falls;

In the dark, the eye begins to see – so true of this walk, so true of life! The soothing sound of the waters rolling downstream provides the perfect backdrop to this adventure. We are shielded in the shade as the light glimmers through on occasion. It is a world apart. In the stillness, all that once defined us is left behind. The water flows by, unwavering in its course, reminding us of what is yet to come.

When we emerge, an amphitheatre of age old rock opens of before us. There’s a subliminal symmetry to it all – sheep, mountains, rocky hillsides… and the water cascades downwards to the awaiting ocean as it has done for millions of years. You sense you are enveloped in something timeless.

The arrival at the Falls completes all that we have experienced en route. The journey matters but reaching the destination is in itself spectacular. It’s great to take a seat on a rock and soak your feet in the streams below and take time to absorb the wonder of it all. No medication could have the same impact!

For those who like a more challenging walk, Coumshingaun is a beautifully disguised Corrie Lake in the heart of the Comeragh Mountains within a 30 minute drive from Waterford City. The landscape is amazing with wildlife, forestry and panoramic views of the entire county that will live long in the memory. If you walk uphill to the lake, it will take you around 3 hours to touch your toe in the lake and head back down the mountain to your point of departure.

Camino Trail, Coumshingaun Lough;